April Capture One RAW Editing Challenge

What is Capture One RAW Editing Challenge?

Capture One Challenge is RAW editing contest where you can show your Capture One skills and win awesome prizes!
Each month I start a new Capture One RAW Editing Challenge. Basically, there will be 12 contests in 2019 with different RAW images and various prizes. And you can take part in all of them!

The April Challenge!

I have some good news, some bad news, then good news again and finally some awesome news to top it all off! So... let the good stuff go first!

The April Challenge is here!
This time we have no open voting (yes-yes, I know you hated it!).
Welcome back jury voting! Woohoo!

Bad news:
There will be only one juror: me!
Yep, I kind of screwed all the deadlines to find some decent jurors for April challenge. So, this month it will be just me to pick all the winners. I hope I'll not let us down, folks!

Good news again!
This time we have Sony AND Fuji RAWs!

Holy guacamole! Two images for a single contest!
And if you're a proud owner of the regular Capture One Pro - you can submit both images for the challenge!

And now, for some awesome news!
Prizes for April Challenge are just freaking fantastic!

First place:
$150 B&H Gift Card + 1Styles.pro Film and Portrait Styles Bundle

Second place:
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo (so you can create your own color profiles in Capture One) + two sets of 1Styles.pro Styles of your choice

Third place:
Two sets of 1Styles.pro Styles of your choice

April Challenge Rules

Generally speaking, the concept is the same:

1. Download RAW files and edit them solely in Capture One.

Feel free to apply any editing, but don't forget, that you can edit images in Capture One only and winners provide EIP files of the edits, so I can share them with all of you!
Learn more on how to create EIP files in Capture One.

To download images enter your email below and you'll receive a link to the RAW files.

2. Upload edited images here.


File Requirements
File format: JPG
File scale: 1200 px long edge
File size: 700 kb max
Color profile: sRGB
Your image will be published as soon as it would pass moderation; we'll notify you of this.

3. The deadline is May 1st.

For April Challenge you have 3 weeks to edit the images.
On May 2nd I'll announce the winners!

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