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What is Capture One RAW Editing Challenge?

Capture One Challenge is RAW editing contest where you can show your Capture One skills and win awesome prizes!
Each month I start a new Capture One RAW Editing Challenge. Basically, there will be 12 contests in 2019 with different RAW images and various prizes. And you can take part in all of them!

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July Challenge Winners!

Time to announce July Challenge Winners!

The winner of my choice

This time it was especially difficult to pick a winner, lots of you have done an excellent job on editing these tough images!

Still, I have to choose the winner, and it is Paul Rees!

An accurate work with color here fits perfectly the original task of restoring a natural look.

The winner of open voting

The apparent leader here is Brion PhRetouch!

This image has almost three times more votes than its closest competitors, so… Congratulations, Brion!

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June Challenge Winners

June Express Challenge is over!
I have received lots of awesome editings; however, not all of them passed the 10-votes-filter. Sad to say, but rules are rules!
I picked three winners out of images with 10+ public votes:

First prize goes to Austin Presley with impressive skin tone color correction:

Second place was taken by Ricardo Guzman with this atmospheric B&W editing:

Third prize goes to Richard Samson for this unusual composition:


What is next? The July Challenge!
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May Challenge Winners

Picking winning images is always a tough process, but this time, we (David Eaton and I) had almost no differences of opinion.

First prize (a year of Prodibi Ultimate + Film and Portrait Styles Bundle ) goes to Karsten Mueller for this charming work with color and light.

Second prize (Exclusive Phase One Captive Jacket + two style sets) goes to Randy Ilowite and this fantastically atmospheric editing of Amsterdam.

Third prize (two style sets) goes to Alexey Muzychenko for his beautiful editing full of warm sunlight.

Here are some other images which were on our short list:

By Spencer Young

By Art Meripol

By Rudolf Feucht

Remarkable editings, folks! I hope to see your works again in the upcoming June Challenge!

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April Challenge Winners

It’s always hard to make a choice, but I was guided by essential criteria:
Your editing should develop image potential.

That’s a basic idea which some of the photographers misinterpret. You might significantly adjust image color and exposure or affect them just a bit. This is not a thing you should care about. What you really need to think of is how your editing develops the image potential.

To better understand my point here, imagine the grading scale from 1 to 10 where:

  • 1 is an image which usually taken by a stranger on a street when you ask them to take a picture of you. Broken focus, broken composition, broken belief in humanity.
  • 10 is a masterpiece. An image you wish to have seen how it was taken. Like to jump into a time-traveling machine, look over the shoulder of your favorite photographer at the moment of shooting and think “Yep, that’s a 10”.
  • Some regular nice images lay between 5-7 marks on this scale.

Now, here is the thing – editing is capable of leveling up your image up to 1-3 marks. Some poor image might become an “ok” one with well-made editing. A nice image might become a good one.
But if you have a nice 5 mark photograph, even some incredible editing would get you only up to 8 marks in the best case. That’s a limit and you have to face it. If you would try to get to 9 or 10 marks with the editing – you will ruin the picture. Your picture will just look fake.

The images I offer for Capture One Challenges have 4-5 marks on this scale, so they have the potential to get to a 7th mark with the right editing skills. Keeping this in mind, you can get the maximum from an image.
This is one of the ideas I wish you to pick up from the challenges – you have to thoughtfully evaluate images you’re working with.
Don’t try to create some amazing images from common shots. Learn to create good images from routine shots and great images from good shots. Practice this and at the moment you would take an 8 mark picture, you will be able to edit a masterpiece.

So, time to announce the winners!

The first prize goes to… Robert Mason!

I just love how Robert tweaked color here and used chromatic contrast to develop the image rhythm!

The second place was taken by Johan Werbrouck with this perfect retelling of a mystic story using the image atmosphere.

The picture was a bit oversharpened and the halos do not look really good, but the overall depth of the editing is simply stunning.

The third prize goes to Yann Cloitre with his Autumnal Serenity work:

That’s a perfect example of an accurate development of image potential!

March Challenge Winners

Honestly, really, I’m impressed with the level of color correction you showed for this image. I mean just take a look at all these awesome editings!

Ok, open voting brought us three winners:

First runner-up is Luc Bunt!

Second runner-up is Brïón PhRetouch!

And the third runner-up is Johan Werbrouck!

Now… the drumroll… The super prize goes to…
That was difficult to choose! Seriously!
Ok-ok…. it goes to….

Ian Montgomery !!!

Congratulations to the winners!

February Challenge Winners!

Here is how the jury was voting:
Each juror was able to vote for up to 7 favorite images. Thus, images with three or two votes form a shortlist of the potential winners.

And! Drumroll! The first prize goes to…
Tammy Bogestrand with this topnotch B&W editing!

Tammy’s image was the only editing which each of jurors picked as the favorite and this obviously brings Tammy the first prize!

The second prize goes to Noel Read for a perfect work with color and skin tone!

Valdemar Andersen took the third place with this cool and beautiful color correction:

As always, you can download the winning EIP files here.

Plus, following a nice tradition, I would like to present a few additional authors with a special 50% discount for styles.

 “Connect the dots” by Claudio Silvano 

This image impressed me with what you can achieve using Capture One only!
Don’t believe it? Download the EIP file to see how this editing was achieved!

Also, I would like to present authors of these gorgeous color corrections:

“BlueFit Beauty” by Steve Slate

An image by Mark Krivoshein

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February Challenge RAW

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January Challenge Winners!

Thanks everyone for taking part in the contest!

The fight for the first place was really tough, but Paweł Filipek took a well-deserved first place with this colorful variant of the editing:

The second prize goes to Samuel Lee with a fantastically atmospheric image:

The third prize is won by Davey Woodford with a very nice and sensational variant of the editing:

Congratulations to the winners!
I’ve already sent the prizes to the winners and the EIP files of the winning images could be downloaded right here.

Download now

Apart from the voting, I would like to point out these images, which editing ideas definitely deserve more attention:

Image by Aleksey Gorshkov – love the painterly style of this editing!

Image by Pierre Chaton – High-contrast B&W develops a great rhythm here, nice!

So, each of you folks will receive a special 50% discount to all the Capture One styles in the store 🙂

Prizes of January Challenge

First place – Film and Portrait styles Bundle (worth $134)

Second place – Film Styles Bundle (worth $95)

Third place – Portrait Styles Set (worth $49.95)

January Challenge RAW

Feel free to download the January RAW file to practice your editing skills.