Capture One Free Presets Download

Capture One Presets Free Download

Free Presets for Capture One

Download 55 PRO presets for Capture One free of charge

The Capture One Free Presets set includes 55 styles:
40 styles from the Original Film Styles set
 5 styles from the Ultimate Capture One Toolkit
 5 styles from the Pro Color Grading Styles set
 5 styles from the Creative Styles set



How Do I Download Free Capture One Presets?

Capture One presets and styles are incredibly helpful in speeding up the RAW editing process. Styles are similar to presets in other RAW editing software, but in Capture One, presets are pre-made settings for a specific tool.
Essentially, styles are a collection of pre-made adjustments that you can apply to one or more images with a single click.
Styles can contain multiple adjustments, making them a more versatile choice for most Capture One photographers. This is why many prefer to use styles instead of presets in their workflow.

Here you can download 55 presets (styles) for Capture One free of charge.

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Download 55 Free Presets