Capture One 21 Fujifilm Discounts and Offers

Capture One 21 Fujifilm Discounts

Here you will find all valid discounts and offers for Capture One 21 Fujifilm perpetual license and subscription.

Capture One 21 Fujifilm Discounts

Capture One 21 Fujifilm Discounts for Perpetual License

You can save 64% on Capture One 21 Fujifilm perpetual license + 110 Styles Bundle.

What are Capture One styles?

Styles contain saved image adjustments that you can apply to your images in Capture One. Using styles, you can quickly try different looks and find the one that fits your image best. After a style is applied you can continue adjusting your image and modify the look.

Capture One 21 Fujifilm Discounts

Is the Capture One 110 Styles Bundle worth the cost?

Since every photo is unique, there are no universal styles that fit every image. That’s why it makes sense to have a broad collection of styles to choose from. If you plan to get the maximum out of Capture One right from the box, the 110 Styles Bundle will give you various looks for creative inspiration.
However, the 110 Styles Bundle is a professional tool with a pro-level price tag. You can save 64% when buying the styles with a new license, making it way more cost-effective.

Capture One 21 Fujifilm Discounts for Subscription

If you prefer Capture One subscription over a perpetual license, the most cost-effective option is an Annual-prepaid subscription.
You can save 80% on styles by choosing a subscription plan with the 110 Styles Bundle.

Perpetual license vs. Subscription. What to choose?

The main difference here is that a perpetual license is always yours, and a subscription license is yours while you pay for it.
When you buy a perpetual license, you get a particular version of Capture One, and all the updates within this version are free. You can switch to the next major release with a paid upgrade. However, you can always continue to use your current version without an upgrade.
A subscription plan gives you access to the newest version of Capture One; you don’t need to upgrade it. However, once you stop paying for a subscription, you’ll lose all access to Capture One.

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