Capture One – The Big Giveaway Begins

Today it begins! I’m giving away a full Capture One Pro 11 license and five sets of Original Film Styles for free!


How do I participate in the giveaway?

There are two simple steps that are required to participate in the giveaway:
1. Share a Facebook post about the Free Guide to Capture One –
Please note, that only public shares on Facebook (shares which are visible to everybody) are valid entries in the giveaway.
2. Leave a comment to the Facebook post with some feedback of the guide. Did you find it useful? What would you wish to see in the next part of the guide? Or just “Thanks!” would be fine as well 🙂

That’s all: share the post, write a comment with some feedback and you’re in!
This is a real win-win: you’re sharing some pretty handy information with your friends and receiving a chance to win great prizes!

Ever heard about the Free Guide to Capture One?

“Mastering Capture One” is a free guide to learn Capture One and a collection of more than 110 links to the best articles and videos to study each topic.
The first part – “Essential Training” will give you everything you need to begin working in Capture One without a mass of overwhelming information.

How would the winners be chosen?

On April 17, I will randomly select six people from all the participants. One of them will receive a full license for Capture One Pro 11 and five others – Original Film Styles sets for Capture One. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Facebook group for not-to-be-missed results of the giveaway!