Capture One Merge to HDR Plugin by Photomatix


A popular software tool to create HDR images, Photomatix Pro, has now a Capture One plugin!
This plugin allows you to merge several files in Capture One into a single HDR image.

The plugin comes with Photomatix Pro 6.2, which is currently in an open beta-test stage, and you can download it and test it for free. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac versions of Capture One 12 and 20.

Best of all, the current beta version (beta 4) adds no watermarks to your images, unlike the regular trial mode of Photomatix, which has this restriction. Still, don’t forget that beta versions always contain a number of bugs and are not intended for production use.
To use Photomatix Pro Plugin for Capture One, just download and install the beta of Photomatix Pro 6.2. It adds Capture One plugin automatically, but don’t forget to restart the software.

To create HDR, select two or more files in Capture One, right-click on them, choose Edit With and then Merge to HDR with Photomatix Pro.

In the new window, select the file format (I recommend choosing TIFF) and click “Edit variants” to export your images into Photomatix Pro.
Now, you’ll need to go through several steps of choosing HDR merge adjustments for your image. The variability of HDR settings is a bit confusing, but this is what allows you to get an HDR look you wish

After finishing the merging, you can easily reimport a new file into Capture One to make some additional adjustments to the image.

Photomatix Pro developers are now actively looking for bugs in the beta version of the Capture One plugin. They offer a complimentary license for anyone sending them helpful reports or feedback on the Capture One plugin beta!

Also, if you would wish to purchase Photomatix Pro license, you can get a 15% discount using this code: ALEXONRAW

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About Author

Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.