Capture One 21 Nikon Discounts and Offers

Capture One 21 Nikon Discounts and Offers

Here you’ll find the complete list of all discounts and offers for Capture One 21 Nikon perpetual license and subscription.

Capture One 21 Nikon Discounts

Capture One 21 Nikon Discounts for Perpetual License

Are you planning to purchase Capture One 21 for Nikon? You can save 64% on the perpetual license + 110 Styles Bundle.

Do I need Styles for Capture One?

Styles are saved adjustments, like presets in Lightroom or other software.
Styles allow you to quickly experiment with different looks for your images in Capture One. Since styles contain regular adjustments, you can easily modify them after applying a style.

Capture One 21 Nikon Discounts and Offers

Is Capture One 110 Styles Bundle worth the price?

All the photographs are unique and require different editing. Usually, some styles work better with some images and might not fit specific photos at all. That’s why it makes sense to have a variety of styles and looks to choose from.
The 110 Styles Bundle is a pro-tool with a respective price. However, you can make it more practical and save 64% on buying the styles with a new Capture One license.

Capture One 21 Nikon Discounts for Subscription

If you’re going to choose a subscription, the most cost-effective Capture One Nikon subscription plan is the Annual-prepaid plan.

How to choose between a perpetual license and a subscription?

Think of a perpetual license as buying and a subscription as renting.
Perpetual license is always yours. When you buy a perpetual license, you get a particular version of Capture One. All the updates within this version are available free of charge. The upgrades for the following major releases are available with additional payments. However, you can always use your current version without upgrades.
Subscription provides you with access to the newest version of Capture One as long as you pay for the plan. Once you cancel the subscription, you will not be able to use Capture one anymore.

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