Capture One 21 Sony Discounts and Offers

Capture One 21 Sony Discounts and Offers

Here is the full list of all valid discounts and offers for Capture One 21 Sony perpetual license and subscription.

Capture One 21 Sony Discounts

Capture One 21 Sony Discounts for Perpetual License

If you plan to purchase Capture One 21 Sony, you can save 64% on a perpetual license + 110 Styles Bundle.

How do Capture One styles work?

Capture One styles allow you to apply saved adjustments to your images. Thus, you can quickly experiment with various looks to find the best color grading for your image. As soon as you apply a style, you can freely change the image adjustments according to your vision.

Capture One 21 Sony Discounts and Offers

Is the Capture One 110 Styles Bundle worth the money?

Keep in mind that all the photographs are distinct and require different adjustments. That’s why styles don’t fit every image equally well. You might find that styles work great with some images and bring no benefits to others. Usually, photographers prefer to have a collection of styles with a variety of looks to choose from.
The regular price of the 110 Styles Bundle is pretty expensive, but you can save 64% buying the styles with a new license, making it way more affordable.

Capture One 21 Sony Discounts for Subscription

If you like subscriptions, the most cost-effective Capture One subscription plan is the Annual-prepaid plan.
Plus, you can save 80% on styles with the 110 Styles Bundle subscription plan.

What is the difference between a Perpetual license and a Subscription?

When you buy a perpetual license, you buy a particular version of Capture One. It’s yours forever; you don’t need to pay anything else. You can install all the updates within this version free of charge, but all the upgrades to the subsequent major releases require additional payment. Still, you can skip upgrades and use your current version.
With a subscription, you can always use the newest version of Capture One as long as you pay for the subscription. If you stop paying for a subscription, you’ll not be able to run Capture One anymore.

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