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Styles for Capture One
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Style Brushes for Capture One

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Pro Color Grading Styles

50 styles for Capture One to apply various color gradings

Pro Color Grading Styles is a set of 50 unique styles for Capture One. It allows you to apply various color gradings to your images quickly. Just scroll through the styles, and you’ll find the look that fits your image best.

Using the styles, you can quickly evaluate how different color schemes affect your image. Do the warm colors suit your photo, or does it look better with cool colors? Do you need a high contrast on an image, or does a hazy look suit it excellently?
All the styles support layers, and you’ll also get 50 style brushes to draw with the same color gradings on your image.

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50 styles and 50 styles brushes for creative inspiration

No more wasting time searching for the right color grading!

  ✅ Perfect for Portraits. Creative Styles are crafted with portrait photography in mind, however they suit various genres, including wedding, street, and travel photography.
  ✅ Layered versions of all styles. Creative Styles store all the adjustments in layers, allowing you to control color and contrast separately. 
  ✅ Style Brushes Included. Every Creative Style has a style brush version, making it easy to draw with style adjustments. 
  ✅ Freedom of Editing. Creative Styles use only three essential tools: Curves, Advanced Color Editor, and Color Balance. This gives you the freedom to choose any other tools for further editing in Capture One.

Regular styles require Capture One 21 and newer. Layered styles require Capture One 23.

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