"Highly recommended! Priced at a fraction of a single photoshoot it's great value for money."


"It covers everything you need to know to begin using AI in photography and provides a practical workflow that you can implement in your work."


"I learned many new editing techniques after going through this course."

Video Course

AI-Powered Workflow for Photographers

The Best Photography AI Tools Explained

Transform your image editing workflow with the AI-Powered Workflow for Photographers video course. 
Join my new video course and discover how to automate your workflow with the best AI-powered apps for image culling, auto-editing, and AI retouching.

You’ll learn how to speed up and automate your image editing workflow, write image processing scripts using AI, and get the most out of auto-adjustments and AI retouching. 
Also, you’ll see how to use AI tools to attract new clients, run social media, and improve your marketing.

All videos are available online or for download, and as transcripts for quick reference.

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What You Will Learn

Building Effective AI-Powered Workflow

Learn how to build an effective image editing workflow using AI-powered tools, saving you time and energy while delivering stunning results.

Editing Images Using AI Tools

Discover AI-powered tools and auto-adjustment techniques to speed up your image editing process.

Combining Photo and AI-Generated Images

Learn how to blend your photography with AI-generated images using Photoshop Neural Filters and Generative Fill to create captivating and dynamic visual compositions.

Writing Image Editing Scrips Using AI

Unlock the power of automation by creating custom image editing scripts with the help of AI. 

Setting Up AI Retouch System

Learn how to set up an effective AI retouch system using Retouch4Me apps.

Working with ChatGPT Like a Pro

Learn how to get the maximum out of ChatGPT to elevate your photography business.

Culling Images Using AI

Discover how to optimize your image culling process using AI-powered tools such as Aftertshoot.

And Many More!

Course Content

The course contains three hours of high-quality video lessons.
You can watch videos online or download them if it’s more convenient for you. Plus, all the videos are also available as transcripts. 

Hours of video

Part I. Building AI-Powered Workflow

The first part of the course is all about building AI-powered workflow. You’ll see apps that I’m using for image culling, auto-editing, AI retouching, and other photography tasks.
You’ll also learn how to write image editing scripts using AI and implement neural filters into your workflow.

Part II. Editing Images Faster Than Ever

The second part is dedicated to practical aspects of AI-powered image editing. You’ll see how to get the maximum out of auto-adjustments, train your AI image editing profiles, and set up an AI retouching system.

Part III. Getting New Clients using AI

Finally, in the third part of the course, we’ll go beyond image editing. I’ll show you how to use AI tools to get new clients. Also, you’ll learn how to run social media and improve your marketing with AI.