Two years ago, I moved to a new country and built a photography business here from scratch using my AI-powered image editing workflow. I’ve found a way to speed up and automate every aspect of image processing: from initial culling to auto-editing and AI-powered retouching.
For this, I’ve tested almost every available AI app, so now you don’t have to do this. Then, I honed this workflow on dozens of actual clients. So it’s not some theoretical stuff; these tools have proven to generate income.

On April 27, I will share all the details of this workflow in my new video course:

AI-Powered Workflow for Photographers

I’ve recorded a short video about the course content:


Only till the end of March, you can pre-order this course at a 40% discount:

Let’s see what you’ll get with the course!

First of all, the course contains three hours of high-quality video lessons.
You can watch videos online or download them if it’s more convenient for you. Moreover, all the videos are also available as transcripts. Sometimes it’s way easier to search through the text to find the particular info quickly.
Please note that the content of the course is subject to change.

Part I. Building AI-Powered Workflow

The first part of the course is all about building AI-powered workflow. You’ll see apps that I’m using for image culling, auto-editing, AI retouching, and other photography tasks.
You’ll also learn how to write image editing scripts using AI and implement neural filters into your workflow.

Part II. Editing Images Faster Than Ever

The second part is dedicated to practical aspects of AI-powered image editing. You’ll see how to get the maximum out of auto-adjustments, train your AI image editing profiles, and set up an AI retouching system.

Part III. Getting New Clients using AI

Finally, in the third part of the course, we’ll go beyond image editing. I’ll show you how to use AI tools to get new clients. Also, you’ll learn how to run social media and improve your marketing with AI.

How Does the Pre-Order Discount Work?

Only till the 31st of March, you can pre-order the course with a 40% discount. After the purchase, you’ll get a unique code that you can use to access the course as it is released.
On April 27, you’ll receive an email from me with all the details on accessing the course. 


Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.