Capture One 11.2.1 and the new Phase One XF IQ4 Camera Systems with ‘Capture One Inside’


Today Phase One presented the new XF IQ4 Camera Systems and released Capture One 11.2.1.
Phase One XF IQ4 Camera Systems are built upon the new and expandable Infinity Platform. Three full frame medium format camera systems, based on the Infinity Platform, include the IQ4 150MP (151-megapixels), the IQ4 100MP Trichromatic (101-megapixels), and the IQ4 150MP Achromatic (151-megapixels).

Capture One 11.2.1 is a service release supporting the new range of digital backs. Also, the update brings new lenses support (Sony FE 400mm) and bug fixes for Mac and Windows versions of Capture One 11.

To learn more about the 11.2 release, read my Capture One 11.2 Overview.

Full 11.2.1 Update Features List:


IQ4 Official Highlights:

151-Megapixel Backside Illuminated (BSI) Sensor
The IQ4 150MP and IQ4 150MP Achromatic models feature an ultra-efficient pixel design that delivers unprecedented image quality and detail. A world first in full frame medium format photography.

‘Capture One Inside’
The core of Capture One’s RAW imaging processor has been integrated into the Infinity Platform, opening a multitude of customizations and imaging possibilities. Key for expanding workflow efficiency, images can now be processed by the camera itself.

‘Capture One Inside’ enables:
• Improved preview quality;
• JPEG processing;
• IIQ Style integration;
• Improved live view, faster frame rate, and new tools

Three New Tethering Options
Wireless, USB-C, and Ethernet offer greater control of connectivity and workflow. In addition, users will be able to interface directly with accessories such as hard drives, NAS storage, network solutions, mobile devices, etc.
New ports (Ethernet and USB-C) can offer charging capabilities of the camera system or sustained power from compatible devices. Each tethering option brings its own unique workflow benefit, such as speed, extended cable length, evolving camera control and freedom from cabling.

Dual Storage
Support for both XQD and SD memory cards can be combined with the above tethering options to provide a multitude of workflow solutions.

Open Platform
Time-lapse and bracketing tools now operate independently of the camera body, enabling sequencing options across other camera bodies such as technical cameras.

New Cameras Support

• Phase One IQ4 150MP (Preliminary)
• Phase One IQ4 100MP Trichromatic (Preliminary)

New Lenses Support

• Sony FE 400mm F2.8 G Master OSS Super-Telephoto
• RSM Lens 150mmAF f/5.6
• RSM Lens 80mmAF f/5.6
• RSM Lens 80mm f/5.6
• RSM Lens 35mm f/5.6
• Voigtländer 17,5 mm/F0,95 Nokton MFT
• Voigtländer 10,5 mm/F0,95 Nokton MFT

Bug fixes: Mac

• Fixed an issue where Tangent reset does not reset Color balance to 0
• Fixed a crash when renaming and editing a layer
• Fixed a crash when disabling, editing and re-enabling layer
• Fixed a crash when drawing a mask with adjusted filter enabled
• Fixed an issue where gradient mask was not shown after being applied
• Fixed an issue with as EIP when capturing with custom ICC
• Fixed a performance issue with masks
• Fixed an issue when exporting DNG file corrupted images in thumbnails
• Fixed an Italian translation issue for “Style” and “Stack Styles”

Bug fixes: Win

• Fixed a crash when hovering the mouse cursor over the radius slider or input text box for Spot removal tool
• Fixed an issue where ‘As Shot’ White Balance does not copy and apply
• Fixed an issue drawing RGB and Luma histograms
• Fixed an issue with tethered Cameras appearing in drop down menus – but unable to select it
• Fixed an issue where not all images imported from Lightroom Catalog due to unsupported DNG-file
• Fixed an issue with auto Levels doesn’t work correctly with Channel Mode = Red, Green, and Blue Channels

Download Capture One 11.2.1

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