Capture One for iPad Confirmed


Capture One has recently revealed that they are developing an iPad app, and it’s coming in early 2022!

Capture One for iPad

Awesome news! Still, we all have many questions about how Capture One could look and work on iPad.
So, let’s try to guess what we can expect from the new app.

How will Capture One sync data between iPad and Desktop?

Obviously, there should be some cloud service to sync files, image adjustments, and styles from your desktop machine with your tablet and vise versa.
However, Capture One doesn’t have one. Yet.
On, you can now notice a new “We’re hiring!” section:

And here are two vacancies for Software Engineers of Cloud and AI services!

So, it seems that with an iPad app, we’ll see an announcement of some Capture One cloud service or/and integration with popular cloud services. And maybe AI tools someday too!

How to control adjustments on a tablet?

It’s only a guess, but… Speed Edit and Direct Color Editor fit perfectly into iPad workflow!

Capture One for iPad

Moreover, it’s way more natural to control adjustments with your finger rather than with the cursor. Plus, don’t forget about Apple Pencil that is a game-changer tool for mask drawing.

Are we going to have tethered shooting on iPad?

Tethered shooting is one of the core features of desktop Capture One, and I hope we’ll see it on iPad as well. I’m not an iOS developer, but as I understand, there is a technical possibility for this.

What about Apple ProRAW?

Since we’ll have an iPad app, the idea of developing ProRAW files in Capture One totally makes sense. Capture One already supports HEIF, so with ProRAW, it will work with all photo formats on iOS.

Capture One for iPad


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Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.