"Great webinar that reveals some interesting and unusual ways to color grade in Capture One."


"The part about desaturation by color inversion is the best thing I ever learned about Captuure One!"


"This live stream is a great motivation to apply the color grading techniques."

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Color Grading Techniques
in Capture One


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Almost 2 hours of professional color grading tips and tricks in Capture One:

You’ll learn how to prepare images for color grading
We’ll discover hidden features of Color Editor in Capture One
You’ll learn how to apply classic color contrasts
I’ll share effective color correction techniques
You’ll see all the ways of adjusting Saturation in Capture One
We’ll practice applying color schemes in Capture One

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You Will Learn

Preparing Images for Color Grading

- How We Perceive Color
- Setting White Balance
- Adjusting Image Tone

Working with Saturation

- Different Saturation Sliders
- Adjusting Saturation

Hidden Features of Color Editor

- Direct Color Editor
- Complete Color Change
- Desaturation Via Color Inversion

Applying Classic Color Contrasts

- Cold-Warm Contrast
- Light-Dark Contrast
- Contrast of Saturation
- The contrast of pure colors

Effective Color Correction Techniques

- Setting Visual Accents
- Color Toning
- Removing Color Cast
- Increasing Hue Variety
- Color Channel Curves Cheat Sheet
- Faded Look with Curve
- Creative Color Grading with Unbalanced Curves

Applying Color Schemes

- Analogous Colors
- Complementary Colors
- Additional Color Schemes

Free Bonus Styles

You will get a bonus set of color correction styles!

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Capture One Photographers About This Webinar

Alexander Svet is a photographer and Capture One trainer based in Tallinn, Estonia. As a professional photographer, Alexander has been using Capture One for 16 years, since Capture One version 3. Eight years ago, Alexander started a blog about Capture One — AlexOnRAW, which now has more than 30 000 followers and newsletter subscribers.