Here are hints on working with Luma Range from my new book Capture One Hidden Features:

1. Luma Range takes all image adjustments into account

Say, you have a bright sky on an image, and you wish to darken it. You can easily create a Luma Range mask for it and decrease exposure to fix the highlighted areas.
And here is the thing: if you create a new layer after that, Luma Range will act differently on that layer. You would not be able to select the same highlighted area with Luma Range because it’s not so bright anymore. But you can always copy the mask from the first layer to duplicate it!

2. Use Radius and Sensitivity sliders to modify mask edges

  • The Sensitivity slider allows you to refine mask edges.
  • The Radius slider affects the strength of the Sensitivity slider.

So, in most cases, it’s better to set the Sensitivity first and then adjust the mask with the Radius slider.

3. Shift key and Luma Range

To get full control over Luma Range knobs, you can use the Shift key:

  • Hold down Shift and move upper knobs — to modify only selected brightness range without changing the Falloff values.
  • Hold down Shift and move lower knobs — to simultaneously modify the Falloff values of shadows and highlights.

4. Luma Range and gradients

You can apply Luma Range on a gradient without rasterizing the mask. It allows having a full-featured gradient mask that doesn’t affect selected brightness values. Plus, you can always modify a gradient and keep Luma Range adjustments.

The full book includes 200+ pro hints to improve your Capture One workflow and four chapters from the book you can download free of charge!

You can download four chapters from the Capture One Hidden Features ebook free of charge:

  • 3. Must-Have Shortcuts
  • 14. Hidden Features of Layers
  • 27. The Power of Mask Inversion
  • 38. Automation with Macros

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Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.