Capture One 21 is now officially announced, and you can already pre-order an upgrade to it!

All pre-orders come with excellent bonuses:

How to pre-order an upgrade to Capture One 21?

For Capture One 20 users

Here you can pre-order an upgrade to Capture One 21.
To get a 20% discount, enter this code at checkout: PREORDER2020

You’ll receive a new license key to re-activate your current Capture One 20. This key is going to be valid for Capture One 21 as soon as it’s released.
As a bonus, you’ll get a mini-pack of 5 styles selected from these sets: Beyond Film, Beyond B&W, Film, Seasonal, Latitude – Sunbound.

For Capture One 12 and older versions users

All you need to do is to upgrade your license to Capture One 20, and you’ll get an upgrade to Capture One 21 free of charge.

After the purchase, you’ll receive a single license key valid for version 20 and for the next version 21, when it’s launched. Basically, you’re getting two upgrades for the price of one.

Note that the older versions of Capture One are usually more expensive to upgrade to than the current version. If this pricing policy stays, it’s more cost-effective to upgrade Capture One 12 to 20 now and get 21 for free, rather than wait until release and upgrade Capture One 12 to Capture One 21.

What are the new features of Capture One 21?

Developers haven’t publicly revealed any new features of Capture One 21 yet. Still, if you enjoy using the latest features and plan to upgrade your license anyway, it makes sense to get the upgrade now, when it’s cheaper than wait for the release day.

When Capture One 21 is going to be released?

The release date hasn’t been announced yet.
Here are the release dates of the previous versions of Capture One:

  • Capture One 9 – November 2015
  • Capture One 10 – December 2016
  • Capture One 11 – November 2017
  • Capture One 12 — November 2018
  • Capture One 20 — December 2019

Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.