Things You Didn’t Know About Capture One. Part I


Hi there,

Today I wish to discuss some pretty useful features which most of Capture One users are not familiar with. Even if you’re working in Capture One for years, you might have been overlooking these tools.
Phase One did a great job of hiding them in the interface jungle, but hey! – that’s why I’m here for you!

1. Web Contact Sheet​

Did you know that you can create a web gallery with your images right in Capture One?
Go to File —> Make web contact sheet.

This feature generates an HTML gallery with your images which you can comfortably host on your website. Just upload an index.htm file and all the related folders to your hosting.
For example, here I have uploaded pictures from my trip to Baikal.

2. Export images into a folder with RAW files

That’s the feature which lots of my students are asking about – how to export images to the same folder where your RAW files are located?

The problem is that the Output Location tool doesn’t have such an option:

What you need to do is to open “File” tab of a particular recipe instead. Here, at Root Folder section, you’ll find this missing feature.
BTW, if you wish to store your exported images in a separate sub-folder – simply add a “Recipe Name” token to the Sub Folder field.

Want to learn more about exporting in Capture One? Check out my free guide to Capture One!​

3. Scripts

The last feature for today is Apple Scripts.
To be fair, Apple Scripts are not hidden in Capture One. Just almost no one is using them, because scripting requires specific skills and Phase One doesn’t supply photographers with built-in examples.
But you can find some free scripts on the internet and maybe get inspiration for your own development.

Ok, here are some useful scripts:
ApplyKeywords – as the name suggests, this simple script applies keywords from the clipboard to all variants in the current collection.

This script copies image names to clipboard.

And here you will also find a bunch of scripts for Capture One.

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About Author

Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.