RAW Files

100 RAWs Set


The 100 RAWs Set is a professional solution for color grading practice and image processing training. The set contains 100 RAWs of different genres. From studio portraits and travel shots to street photography images and landscapes worldwide, that you can use for honing your image editing skills in Capture One.

This set is a perfect addition to AlexOnRAW tutorials, so that you can experiment with various image editing techniques, practice layer corrections, and enhance your color grading skills.

What Can I Do with the 100 RAWs?

Practice and Experiment

First and foremost, these 100 RAWs are a fantastic playground for your image editing in Capture One. You can experiment with various color gradings on these images and test what you can get out of the RAW file. Even if you have an extensive photo archive, you might find RAWs that you had no experience working with. Some shots were taken in places you can only get to by helicopter!

Discover New Cameras

These 100 RAWs were taken with different camera systems: Nikon, Sony, Canon, and Fujifilm, including shots from a medium format Fujifilm GFX 50R camera.
Thus, you can discover RAW capabilities hidden in cameras that you don’t have among your regular gear.

Fine Art Printing

You can use these RAWs for any personal, non-commercial purposes. For instance, you can edit a RAW and print it to decorate the interior of your home!




Please note that you can’t use these images for any commercial purposes. You can’t sell and/or distribute these images or present them as the result of your work. The 100 RAWs Set is created for image editing practice and printouts only; if you need a license for commercial usage of these images, please, contact us at [email protected]

What's Inside

All the RAWs in the set are sorted into four groups: