Today we continue to solve your annoying Capture One problems!

From the first part, you’ve learned how to reset everything except crop, what camera profile is best to choose, why your cropping settings change, and other practical hints.

You have sent me a bunch of new questions, and today we’ll discover how to:

  • Set crop to ‘Unconstrained’ and quickly control crop ratios.
  • Arrange shortcut keys for all color ratings.
  • Add styles to Favourites.

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Now, back to Capture One tips and tricks!

Set crop to ‘Unconstrained’ and quickly control crop ratios

I’ve received a surprising amount of questions on setting the default Crop aspect ratio. The problem is that Capture One doesn’t allow changing the default crop ratio, and it always is set to Original:
However, with the release of Capture One 23 16.2, you can now switch aspect ratios using shortcuts! Here is how to set up such a shortcut:

First, you need to save your crop ratio as a style. Make sure to include in the style the Crop settings only:

Next, go to the Custom Shortcuts tab (available starting from 16.2) and set up a custom shortcut for this style:

Now, you can quickly switch image crop ratio, and batch adjust crop on all your images in a single click!

Arrange shortcut keys for all color ratings

On AlexOnRAW Facebook page, I’ve asked to share the most annoying Capture One issues, and Simon Bolz has commented:

“I wish there were shortcut keys for all color ratings.”

Simon, I have great news for you! Capture One allows to set custom shortcuts for all color tags:

Add styles to Favourites

Finally, I have received several questions on adding styles to Favorites. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to do this. Still, you can access Capture One Styles folder, create the Favorites folders there, and copy some of the frequently used styles into it.

Additionally, you can organize your styles by editing tasks or looks. Don’t forget to restart Capture One for changes to take effect!

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Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.