Capture One 12.0.1 released with Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L support and a mass of bug fixes.


Main features

Capture One 12.0.1 brings support for Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM and various bug fixes for Mac and Windows versions of Capture One 12.

To learn more about the new 12 release, read my Capture One 12 New Features Overview.

Full Update Features List:

New Lens Support

• Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM

Bug fixes: Mac

• Fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in a crash when switching between tools
• Fixed a crash issue when sometimes emptying Session trash
• Fixed a crash upon new album creation
• Fixed a crash when erasing/drawing part of Luma Mask
• Fixed a crash when changing cursor tool with no image selected and the Navigation Tool shown
• Fixed a crash when selecting a non-existent Output directory
• Fixed an issue where Next Capture Naming field is highlighted after switching tabs
• Fixed: Import third party catalogs option missing from Capture One Express
• Fixed: Setting custom Normalize values by right-clicking with the picker doesn’t work
• Fixed a viewer issue with proofing after composition correction
• Fixed an issue where setting format to DNG in process recipe doesn’t reset scale
• Fixed a performance issue where undo of mask point takes too long
• Fixed an issue where some tools in the viewer were disabled after workspace switch.
• Fixed an issue where mask changes are lost after processing and restarting
• Fixed an issue where watermark shows “Empty Name” if Text field is empty
• Various minor fixes for the library tool
• Updated the “Stitch with Photoshop” script to work with Adobe Photoshop 2019
• AppleScript: Fix for normalization commands failing upon variants lacking proxies
• AppleScript: Fix for export originals crash
• AppleScript: Recipe ‘pixels per inch’ sometimes causes error
• AppleScript: ‘Apply Normalize’ point vertically flipped

Bug fixes: Win

• Various stability improvements
• Fixed an issue where help links points to 11 documentation
• Fixed a hang when running at 120% dpi scaling
• Fixed a UI issue when resizing floating tools
• Fixed an issue when deleting referenced folders in Catalogs
• Fixed: “Edit with” option is missing in Capture One Express
• Fixed: Menu items disappear after having Capture One in full screen
• Fixed an issue where User Collections imported from Lightroom sometimes gave empty albums in Capture One
• Fixed a UI issue in Color Editor
• Fixed an occasional occurrence of disabled sliders after re-enabling a layer
• Fixed an issue where “Show in Explorer” did not work if folder name had a comma
• Fixed an issue with Live View focus meter area when moved
• Fixed an issue with long metadata strings not displaying correctly
• Fixed an issue with the camera properties occasionally missing in camera tools
• Fixed an issue where the tool bar could not be disabled in full screen mode
• Fixed an issue where the White Balance Mode on Layers occasionally appeared blank
• Improved performance of using “Locate” on a folder in a catalog
• Fixed an issue where “EmptyName” folders were created on import for movie files
• Fixed an issue with keyboard shortcuts not working after a left click inside empty batch queue
• Fixed an issue where rating during import makes thumbnails to not appear
• Fixed the logic when using “Does not contain” in IPTC filters

Download Capture One 12.0.1


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Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.