Capture One 9.0.1 released: Mass bug fixes and support for DxO One


Main features: mass bug fixes and support for DxO One (DNG).

Full Update Features List:

Camera support

• DxO One (DNG)

Lens support

• Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 4.0/32 mm
• Sony DT 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 SAM II

Bug fixes: Mac

Functionality Bugs:

• Memory leak when tethered with Canon
• ICC and LCC sidecars in a Win Catalog are not loaded when opening the Catalog on Mac
• Viewer performance optimized (caching) when selecting previous variant in the browser
• Keywords: Cannot delete keywords in a CO 8 Catalog imported into a CO 9 Catalog
• Keywords: Text clipped when having deep hierarchies
• Keywords: Other minor cosmetic issues
• Keyword library: Add ellipses for very long library names
• Keystone: Copy/Apply button always disabled
• Keystone: Step adjustments via keyboard not working
• Sort Proof Profile and Output Profile menu entries alphabetically
• Spot tool: Fix deletion via keyboard
• XMP full sync: Cannot change rating and color tag
• Some cursor tool keyboard shortcuts do not work on some localisations
• Minor localisation tweaks and tooltip fixes
• Other minor UI tweaks

Crash bugs:

• Synchronization of corrupted cos files
• Keyword library: Add child keyword
• Keywords: Drag a keyword between two CO documents
• Save a style including a bundle ICC profile
• Import of user styles after a clean

Bug fixes: Win

Functionality Bugs:

• Memory leak when tethered with Canon
• Watermark does not work when printing
• Visual C++ 2015 redistributables not installing at Capture One 9 installation
• Issue with the curves tool on Surface Pro and Wacom Cintiq
• Localization issues
• Clicking local adjustments selection points does not change to the corresponding layer
• Skin tone slider ranges wrong

Crash bugs:

• Crash when removing keywords
• Red cross on the histogram of the levels tool followed by crash
• Crash when setting up naming in the importer
• Crash when stressing the thumbnail browser
• Various other hangs and crashes

Download Capture One 9.0.1

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About Author

Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.