Hi Alex, I submit my processed version of your photo. It consists in several layers. Base layer has some minor adjustments (little warming in WB, contrast thanks to luma curve, saturation, recover some lights and shadows). Layers 1 and 2 are masks layers created picking in the color editing tool the tones of the trees, yellows and greens, giving them an autumn vibe. After that, branches on the upper side have been erased with heal layers, also the small one on the left side. For the sky, I created a layer based in the highlights using the luma interval, adjusting the exposure and highlights and giving a little blue tone with the levels tool, also saturation has been lowered. Two vignetting layers were applied on the lower a upper left side and finally, I've created a mid tones luminosity layer and applied a kodak portra 160 NC V1 to get a little dark mood, adjusting the layer opacity at 24%. Glad to share my version with you and your community. Many thanks. JOSE GARCIA.


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