Yesterday, Capture One developers revealed the new Dehaze tool that is designed to remove haze and improve contrast and color on flat and foggy images:

Previously, we were able to get a similar result by making complex manipulations with Levels, Curves, Clarity, and Contrast tools. Now, we can quickly fix hazy and foggy images with a single tool:

Capture One automatically detects Shadow Tone on your image and uses it for Dehaze adjustments:

If you’re not satisfied with how shadows look on an image, you can manually pick Shadow Tone by clicking on shadow areas.
In some cases, it would allow you to get a more clear and detailed result:

According to developers, the new Dehaze tool is not a replacement for Contrast or Clarity. It’s a new feature that works great together with old tools.
As Paul Reiffer has mentioned on the stream, Dehaze can make your image a bit darker, so it’s a good idea to recover some dark areas with HDR sliders after.

The new tool supports layers, so you can dehaze only a part of your image where it’s needed.

You can also add haze with the Dehaze tool if you feel that it fits your image well.

So, the new Dehaze tool looks pretty exciting!
Developers have also mentioned that the Dehaze tool is still in development, so there might be some changes to the algorithms before the release.

Previously, developers have revealed a new Speed Edit workflow and ProStandard camera profiles. With the new Dehaze tool, we now have a better understanding of what to expect from Capture One 21.
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Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.