Top 5 Capture One Articles You Need to Read


At you can find dozens of fantastic articles and videos; long ago, some of them helped me a lot in mastering Capture One.

Here are five excellent articles about Capture One, which some of you might have missed:

1. “Fewer Clicks, Better Results!”

That’s a great guide on how to use Auto Levels correction with individual color channels in Capture One.
Have you ever heard of this feature? Oh, go check out it right now! That’s one of my favorite features of Capture One! ​

2. “How to Create Stunning Black and White Images”

A fantastic guest post and video tutorial by Martin Bailey. A must see for those interested in B&W editing!

3. “Colorist POV: Color Grading in Capture One Pro”

In the article, Charles-Etienne Pascal, an experienced video colorist, shows you how to work with Color Balance in Capture One.
BTW, Charles-Etienne has an excellent article about Color Editor as well!

4. “Giving Your Images a Painterly Look by Kristina Varaksina”

Kristina Varaksina is sharing a unique editing technique, beautiful and fascinating.
An exceptional post and a great source of inspiration for your editing in Capture One!

5. “Smart Wedding Photography Workflow in Capture One Pro”

A bunch of useful advice on how to develop a smart wedding photography workflow. Starting from import and image selection to batch editing and exporting tips.


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