Phase One Certified Professional F.A.Q.


Last week I have shared my plans for attending POCP in Amsterdam and suddenly I have found that some of you are not really familiar with this event!

Listen, folks, I just can’t let you get away with this. Can’t leave you drowning in this dark ignorance. No, no, no. Grab my hand and read this short F.A.Q. for Phase One Certified Professional events I have written for your sake!
Plus, I have dug into my image archive and found a bunch of images from Milan POCP to show you how it usually goes.

Why become Phase One Certified Professional?

Well, there is a bunch of reasons for this:

  • If you’re looking for work in the photography industry, POCP certificate is a pretty valuable thing in itself. For a mass of huge companies and studios Capture One is the main tool and they are looking for certified professionals to hire. Say, here, H&M in Stockholm is expanding their Studio Operations team and is searching for people with “knowledge in Capture One”.
  • If photography is a hobby of yours, POCP offers much more than any online tutorials or courses are capable of. At POCP you can try the world’s finest photography gear in action: Phase One medium format cameras with digital backs.

  • POCP offers a great chance to meet and become acquainted with folks from Phase One as well as to ask them questions on Capture One and Phase One gear. Plus, me and Paul Steunebrink from will be here as well and I’m pretty sure we’ll find lots of topics to talk about!

How often do POCP events happen?

This year there will be two more POCP events in Europe: 18 – 19 June in Paris and 27 – 28 November in Lisbon.
All the training is in English, so basically, there is no big difference in where you should have them. But I just love Amsterdam and can’t miss an opportunity to visit it again!

How POCP live training is arranged?

Usually, two days of the training have the same structure:
Theoretical lectures are arranged for the first half of the day and live practice for the second. So, you’re learning a bunch of theoretical stuff on a fresh mind in the morning and trying it in action after lunch.
BTW, lunches are included in the price of POCP, so you don’t need to worry about this.

Is it all about Capture One?

Capture One is only a part of POCP training, an important, but not the main one. Moreover, POCP is not about learning Capture One from scratch, you have to have some basic understanding of how it works. But you can easily learn it from my free guide to Capture One.

A significant amount of time on POCP is dedicated to working with Phase One digital backs and cameras of different formats. For instance, in Milan, we were working with large format cameras as well as with medium format gear.

What would I receive on a POCP event?

Except for the training and experience itself, you will get Capture One Pro license key and useful guides which will help you to solve lots of technical issues in the future.

Wait! What about the certificate?

Certification is the final part of the training and you have to pass a written test to be certified. The participation in the event doesn’t guarantee that you will pass the test.
However, most of my acquaintances who were actively involved in the training and spent some time preparing for the test successfully passed it.

Book your seat here and see you in Amsterdam!


About Author

Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.