What to Expect in the Next Capture One?


Autumn. Yellowing foliage is gently swaying in the chilly wind… You’re opening a wardrobe to take out your favorite comfy jacket… The whole nature is preparing for hibernation and whispering “The Next Capture One is somewhere out there….”

Most of the previous versions of Capture One were released at the end of Novembers, so photographers here and there have started discussing possible features of the Next Capture One.
In our Facebook group, Alex Gubariu started a trendy topic on features he wishes to see in the next update. I have picked out some popular requests from this post and comments:

Better catalog functions
This is a pretty realistic wish! I think in the Next Capture One we would see some improvements to Locate tool and other features of catalogs. The ability to auto-switch to the next image after you’ve placed a rating or color tag would also be helpful. At the same time, don’t expect Phase One to rebuild the whole catalog system. If you have just switched from Lightroom, simply give yourself some time to get used to Capture One.

Focus stacking
Nah, don’t believe in this. There is a fine standalone plug-in for that, and I see no reason to make it a part of Capture One itself.

HDR creation from bracketed exposures
Maybe! There is a high demand for this feature, so… Why not?

An improved spot removal tool
Capture One developers prefer an evolutionary approach to updates. Spot removal can be enhanced for sure; at least in the capacity limits of available spots for an image.

Panorama stitching
I think this task should be resolved with some third-party plug-ins. That’s not a universal case; after all, lots of photographers make no panoramas at all.

An improved noise reduction algorithm
I would not bet on this, but such an update fits the evolutionary approach pretty well. We’ll see!

The ability to create slideshows with music soundtrack / Creating a movie from time-lapse captured images
100% no to this. Of course, it’s always nice to have such features! But Capture One is a RAW editing app, and there is a mass of RAW editing features to enhance.

What are your predictions regarding the Next Capture One features? Which improvements would you like to see?


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Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.