Hidden Features of Shift Key in Capture One


A few months ago I have shared here some useful and hidden features of Alt key in Capture One. The feedback was so outstanding that I thought it might be an excellent topic for a series of posts.

So, today we’re discussing hidden features of Shift key in Capture One!

1. Select Images Quickly

Let’s start with apparent, but still a really helpful feature of Shift key – image selection.

  • To select multiple images – hold Shift and right-click on an image in the list.
  • To increase/decrease the number of selected images – hold Shift and use arrow keys.
  • To deselect all images except primary – hold Shift and click on the primary variant.

2. Speed Up Slider Adjustments

You probably know, that you can adjust sliders in Capture One (Exposure, Contrast, HDR, etc.) just by placing a cursor over it and rolling the scroll wheel.

So, here is a hint – you can increase the adjustment increment by holding Shift key! Thus, now you change Contrast in steps: 0–> 10 –> 20 etc. That’s a perfect trick to speed up your processing!

3. Draw a Straight Mask

Need to draw a straight line mask? Select Brush, hold Shift and draw a mask!

4. Get a Full Control Over Gradients

Shift key works excellently with the linear gradient:

  • To change a gradient smoothness – hold down Shift and move lines
  • To rotate a gradient by a 45-degree angle – hold down Shift and rotate the radial gradient

Here is a nice video tutorial to see these tricks in action.

5. Copy Apply Adjustments

I have already mentioned this feature in the previous issues of my newsletter, but it’s definitely worth a reminder!
The idea is fairly simple:

1. Choose all the images you would like to adjust
2. Select the variant to copy adjustments from
3. Hold down Shift and click this icon:

You’ll immediately copy and apply all adjustments from the primary image to all other selected photos.

Looking for more tips for batch editing? You gotta check out my post on it!

6. Toggle Cursor Tools

You might have noticed that some of the cursor tools have the same hotkeys by default.

Here is a cool hint: you can toggle such cursor tools by holding down Shift and clicking the tools shortcut. For instance, holding Shift and clicking R will toggle all the rotation tools assigned to this hotkey.

To be honest, I’ve looked up this trick in an excellent article “11+1 tips and tricks for Capture One” by Alexander Flemming. So, I just have to recommend it to you – there you will find a dozen of awesome Capture One tips!

7. Improve Color Balance

You can use the scroll wheel to control Color Balance as well:
In the regular mode, the scroll wheel controls the hue of the selected color circle.
Hold down Shift key and now the scroll wheel controls the lightness adjustment!

8. Perform Better Cropping

Have ever noticed that you can’t crop inside the cropped area? By default, you would just move the cropped area which is not always convenient.
The solution? Simply hold down Shift key! Now you will be able to crop image instead, no matter where you start the cropping.

9. Sync Zoom Of Selected Images

When you have selected a group of images in Capture One, you can synchronize zooming and viewing of these images by holding the Shift key.

10. Did I Miss Something?

Send me your favorite features of Shift key!

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