Capture One has just unveiled some great new features that are coming to Capture One 20!
Developers performed a live stream, where they have briefly announced some new features that they are working on.

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So, what will we see in the future update?

The REAL Before/After tool!

It looks just like it should be, and you can now use a shortcut to compare images.
The new tool has two modes that can be selected from a drop-down menu:

Full View

Turn it on, and you’ll see the original image, without applied adjustments:

If you add some new adjustments, Capture One auto-switches you to the edited variant.
Full View fits perfectly for shifting between edited and original images quickly.

Split View Slider

In the second mode, you see Before/After images on the same screen, divided by a moveable slider. The original image is located on the left side, and the adjusted variant is on the right.

You can continue editing in the Split View mode; additional adjustments would still appear on the After shot.

Plus, both modes work with multiple selected images:

Reworked Heal and Clone tools

In the upcoming update, developers significantly reworked heal and clone layers capabilities.

First of all, Heal tool now finds source points automatically, and the tool works way more intelligently than before.

If you need to set a source point manually, you can do this just as before.

Secondly, you can have unlimited heals on one layer:

Basically, you can now use the healing instead of the Spot Removal tool, which has a 100 spots limitation. This update significantly increases the retouching capabilities of Capture One.

Thirdly, you can use Flow settings with the Clone tool to get a smooth and accurate retouch of portraits.

The new features look just fantastic, and, according to developers, we’ll see even more new features in the upcoming releases.

When Is It Going to be Released?
There is no official release date yet, but developers announced that the update is going to be available in May.

Is it going to be a paid update?
No. According to developers, the upcoming Capture One release is free for all subscription users and owners of a Capture One 20 perpetual license.



Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.