Pre-Upgrade to Capture One 22 with a 28% Discount


Capture One has just launched the Capture One 22 pre-upgrade campaign!

Until November 9, you can pre-upgrade your Capture One 21 or older license to Capture One 22 with a 28% discount!
The offer is valid for Capture One Pro, Sony, Fujifilm, and Nikon perpetual licenses. 

Here is how you can get 28% OFF with pre-ordering the upgrade:

1. Order the pre-upgrade here. By default, it comes with a 20% discount. 
2. At checkout, enter this code to get an additional 10% OFF: ALEXONRAW

In total, you will get about a 28% discount! 
This is the best deal to upgrade to Capture One 22. According to Capture One, there will be no bigger discount for the upgrade before Capture One 22 release!

As we already know, Capture One 22 will finally introduce HDR merging and Panorama stitching:

David Grover has unveiled Panorama stitching in the recent live stream with Paul Riffer (starts from 26:30)

Here you can learn that the resulting file of Panorama stitching will be DNG that has RAW-processing capabilities!

Also, Capture One 22 will have the new Auto Rotate tool:

Apart from HDR, Pano, and Auto Rotate, I’m pretty sure we’ll see many other new features in Capture One 22 during the following year. Just remember how many new tools have been added to Capture One 21 with free updates:

Capture One 14.1 introduced Style Brushes, the new Import Viewer, additional ProStandard profiles, the increased zoom, redesigned Keystone tool, and live-view feature for Leica cameras.
Capture One 14.2 came out with native support for the new M1 Apple silicon.
Capture One 14.3 brought us Magic Brush, new Export, and other valuable improvements.

Upgrading with a 28% discount will give you access to new features right with the release of Capture One 22 without the feeling like you have missed an opportunity for some bigger deal.

Note that upgrading from Capture One 20 and an older version will give no access to the current Capture One 21 version. This is a pre-upgrade to Capture One 22.

While we’re waiting for Capture One 22, you can enhance your editing with color schemes!

Recently, I’ve published a series of free tutorials on the practice of applying color harmonies in Capture One:

  • Finally, in the third part, we’ve discovered additional color schemes that can be beneficial for your editing in Capture One!


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Alexander Svet – Professional photographer and photography instructor. Phase One Certified Professional and Capture One beta tester.