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"Is it worth the money? I would defiantly say yes.
The styles are strong, diverse, authentic and are a great starting point to bring that extra bit of life to your images."


"I've been a Capture One user for several years now but I think I've only used it basically until now."

Styles and Courses
for Capture One
Approved by Top Professionals

Capture One Styles

Access over 800 Pro Styles approved by thousands of photographers worldwide.
You Save:

The Styles Bundle Includes:

Ultimate Capture One Toolkit

Make your Capture One workflow faster and easier than ever.
The Toolkit contains 200+ unique styles and tools for Capture One.

Creative Styles

50 styles and 50 styles brushes for creative inspiration. No more wasting time searching for the right color grading!

Capture One AI NextGen Styles

NextGen Styles

Adjust the White Balance automatically and apply AI color gradings in Capture One.

Capture One Film Styles

Film Styles for Capture One

More than 400 legendary film styles for Capture One

Approved by thousands of Capture One photographers worldwide.

Pro Color Grading Styles

50 styles for Capture One to apply various color gradings.
Just scroll through the styles, and you'll find the look that fits your image best.

Top Professionals About Original Film Styles

Cameron Davidson, renowned photographer featured in National Geographic, Vanity Fair, Forbes, and more.
Named in Lürzer’s Archive as one of the top 200 photographers for 23/24.

Free Tutorials with the Styles Bundle

How to get the Most Out of Your Capture One Styles

Capture One Styles Tutorial Video How to Use
  • You’ll learn a three-step workflow to get the maximum out of your Capture One Styles.
  • Then, we’ll discover hidden features of styles in Capture One and discuss the benefits of layered styles.
  • Finally, you’ll see how to speed up batch editing with AI masks and styles.  

Working with Color Schemes in Capture One

Capture One Tutorial How to Apply Color Schemes

You’ll learn how to apply complementary, analogous, triadic, and other color schemes using Capture One tools. The tutorial includes EIP files containing RAWs with adjustments to the images from the PDF. So that you can experiment with the RAWs from the tutorial and see the applied adjustments in all their detail.

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